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Static stretching? Good or bad?

I've been hearing "active stretching over static" being thrown around a lot in my years with the performance industry.

I wouldn't discourage people from static stretching as it is shown that there are positive impacts when done properly where neurological and tissue changes occur over time.

There are research suggesting that static stretching increases the range of motion due to the changes in the muscle fibres and tissues of the tendon (quantity of sarcomeres, length of sarcomeres, amount of stiffness in muscle tissue).

The other changes can be seen in the nervous system (desensitization of certain nerves, change of the stretch reflex, change of the perception of discomfort ).

A consistency of stretching ranging between 30-60 seconds, for a total of 5 minutes per movement, 5 times a week at a tolerable limit of discomfort shows an increased range of motion in majority of the research made. Read the article below for further reference.

A combination of stretching methods such as PNF, ballistic and active stretching will help improve one's range of motion along side with consistency in stretching, fatigue management and strengthening.

However, studies have also shown that maintaining a stretch for a duration of 2 minutes or more may result in diminishing returns and that an excessive and sudden increased of loading may have a damaging effect on connective tissues.

So, let's just say that static stretching isn't bad but excessively doing it whilst using poor methodology can be.

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